Monday, March 3, 2014

62 + 2

The title of this blog is 62 + 2. If I wrote it tomorrow it would be 62 + 3. Because what is the significance of a birthday as opposed to the days that follow it? We might celebrate on a particular day, but each day is an anniversary of living. A very happy unbirthday to me, indeed.

The last time I posted a blog was October 5, 2013. I have been, as they say, focusing on my career, such as it is. I had two notes taped to my monitors. Stay long enough to get good at the job and the other Imagine where you want to be in six months. There are a few others in my cubicle too; something by Lou Holtz that says you are never as bad as they tell you and you are never as good as they tell you, and something lovely about never giving up and being like the vine finding a crack in stone to grow and I will too.

This is a funny job. Selling auto refinance to bank customers by phone. It is especially weird because I don't like talking on the phone much and have an almost pathological fear of calling strangers to ask for anything. So it has been good for me to get over that particular fear. And the fear of rejection... hey, I'm told no at least 60 times a day and it doesn't kill me. So it might be true that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

I can't exactly relax, but I've made progress enough that I can think about other things. I'll let you know what they are as they occur.

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