Saturday, October 5, 2013

Life in the corporate world

This has been a difficult week for me. Making it to Friday without running away, calling in sick, or just plain quitting is a victory. One supervisor has no idea what to do with me, another tells me I am right on track. He told my training group that there will come a time when we will come to him and say we just can't do it and want to quit. And then he said when that time comes he will smile and tell us we are right on track. (I hate being predictable.) That is where I was. But as hard as Thursday was, I came back on Friday and did a bit better. He also said that one day, it will just open up and it will click.

I have never before worked with such positive and supportive people. There isn't one person I've met who isn't willing to help and doesn't wish me success. Pretty amazing. But, and of course there is a but, it is hard as hell. Go, go, go. Do, do, do. Sell, sell, sell. More, more, more. I come home each night and feed the cats, check email and facebook, play a few games of Blockarelli ( and fall into bed. No time for blogging. Saturday morning when I could sleep in, the cats wake me to be fed at 6. They do not understand the concept of weekend. But I do and it goes way too fast for me.

"Bloom where you are planted". Does anyone remember that? Sometimes I feel like I am a plant that is being divided, and am having a hard time keeping my roots strong. Ultimately there will be two, or more healthy plants but for awhile they both look scraggly.

Scraggily yours...

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