Monday, May 13, 2013

Thoughts on music and society

I like to listen to books on cd when I drive, consequently I have a hard time keeping up with contemporary popular music. My son-in-law, John, maintains a wonderful blog where he reviews and links to music old, new, and soon to be released. It is called Purely Him, Sometimes I hear something I love and don't have a clue who the artist is. So I plunked down $12. and bought the 2013 Grammy Nominees cd. There is a reason that these are hits; maybe overplayed, but something for everyone.  Guess what? I like Kelly Clarkson, Gotye, Florence + The Machine, Pink, Katie Perry, Fun, and the whole gang.  I even enjoyed Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepson. I am pretty happy with the purchase.

Yes, I am one of those people who really listens to lyrics and many resounded in my heart. I never knew that there were all these songs about the end of relationships. I remember songs about loving people or looking for love, but I don't remember all this honesty. Wow.

Now I know that Sting doesn't have a new record. That is Gotye. And what I thought was George Michaels is Muse. Then I heard a song that sounded like Bruce Springsteen. It was Bruce, cool! But then I started listening to the lyrics and I got mad. The song is called We Take Care Of Our Own. It is catchy and inspiring and full of jingoistic fever and totally full of crap. We do not take care of our own.

Maybe we come together in times of crisis and put up a good front for a couple of weeks. But we do not take care of our own. Ask Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who are waiting years for benefits. Ask Viet Nam veterans who are victims of Agent Orange. Ask the displaced in New Orleans years after Katrina. Ask the working poor, ask the young parents who can't afford day care. Ask struggling school districts.

How did we get into this state in the strongest Democracy in the world? How did we get a congress that is in the pockets of oil, drug and insurance companies? When did corporations get more rights than citizens? Why is unlimited gun rights more important than human life? Florence + The Machine suggests Shake It Out. Pink says Try. Kelly Clarkson maintains What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger. But Bruce, don't say We Take Care Of Our Own, because we don't.

I'm going to follow Alabama Shakes and Hold On.

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  1. Thanks for the props moms! Good music is out there. I like Kelly and have since her first album. It sounds like there is some really great music on that album. Good for you!